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In the year 2065, a future Earth is infested by Phantoms: alien life forms capable of killing humans by physical contact.
The remaining humans living in “barrier cities” all over the world are engaged in an ongoing struggle to free the planet.
After being infected by a Phantom during one of her experiments, Aki Ross (Ming-Na) and her mentor, Dr. Sid (Donald Sutherland),
uncover a means of defeating the Phantoms by gathering eight spirit signatures that, when joined, can negate the Phantoms.
Aki is searching for the sixth spirit in the ruins of New York City when she is cornered by Phantoms but is rescued by Gray Edwards (Alec Baldwin)
and his squad “Deep Eyes”, consisting of Ryan Whittaker (Ving Rhames), Neil Fleming (Steve Buscemi) and Jane Proudfoot (Peri Gilpin).
It is revealed that Gray was once romantically involved with Aki.